Tuesday, April 11, 2006


We carry a good range of fibers here at STRINGS. Alpaca, Llama, Wool, Silk, and Cotton are all available. Fibers are sold by the oz so you can try out new fibers without a large investment. The alpaca in fawn and black are from Our own animals. Other fibers are fleeces grown right here in the USA. Any fiber shown here can be custom spun into yarn. It can also be dyed any of the colors we carry, or blended with any other fiber in stock. Be sure to Contact Us so we can give you exactly what you need.

Alpaca blanket -4 lbs available - $1.80 per oz carded batts or pulled roving
Washed, average length 4 inches
Available as loose fiber.
Carded batts, pulled roving $2.00 per oz

Alpaca /wool blend 75-25 batt Shetland/Lincoln cross batts
available in black and charcoal grey

Oatmeal Icelandic Down batt and pulled roving


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