Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

One of my favorite comedians died Sunday of a heart attack at age 71. If you have ever enjoyed or agreed with George Carlin's comedy, you will know we lost a great one. Sarcastic NY humor will never be the same.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Our store has many goals, but all of them are to help You. We offer many services to help you make your dreams come to life. The phrase Sheep to Shawl is a good description of what we can do for you. Need a fleece processed? Have some fiber to be spun? Want your yarn a different color? Did that pattern just call your name or perhaps you need that finishing done? Maybe you want to learn to do it yourself? We can help you!

  1. Fiber processing 5 lbs or below
  2. Spinning
  3. Dyeing
  4. Knitting/Finishing/Mending
  5. Classes/Demonstrations
  • knitting- Eastern uncrossed method
  • spinning-drop spindle/wheel
  • dyeing-kool aid, Easter egg, general purpose dyes

Stitch Markers

Our stitch markers are made from many different beads, glass, wood, pearl or metal, and can come with or without charms. They come in gold or silver metals, and can be used with any size needle. That's because each marker uses a split ring to change the sizes! As easy as taking your keys from your key ring.


We carry a good range of fibers here at STRINGS. Alpaca, Llama, Wool, Silk, and Cotton are all available. Fibers are sold by the oz so you can try out new fibers without a large investment. The alpaca in fawn and black are from Our own animals. Other fibers are fleeces grown right here in the USA. Any fiber shown here can be custom spun into yarn. It can also be dyed any of the colors we carry, or blended with any other fiber in stock. Be sure to Contact Us so we can give you exactly what you need.

Alpaca blanket -4 lbs available - $1.80 per oz carded batts or pulled roving
Washed, average length 4 inches
Available as loose fiber.
Carded batts, pulled roving $2.00 per oz

Alpaca /wool blend 75-25 batt Shetland/Lincoln cross batts
available in black and charcoal grey

Oatmeal Icelandic Down batt and pulled roving


At STRINGS, all our yarns are Handspun, either by spindle or by wheel. Please be aware that there will be variations in the yarn size. We make evey effort to keep this to a minimum. Yarns are listed with content, yardage and weight . All yarns are wound in center pull balls for your convienience. They can be re-skeined on request.

Yellow Border Leicester singles 2.5 oz $8.00
Icelandic down wooden beads 2 ply
vanilla caramel 3 ply Columbia alpaca silk 2 0z $7.00

mint chocolate chip 3 ply wool 2 oz $7.00
Jacob wool 2 ply
Green rug wool 2 ply 1.5 oz $5.50
Caramel swirl 3 ply wool alpaca silk 2 0z $7.00
Black Border Leicester lambswool 2 ply 2 oz $6.00
Beaded Icelandic down 2 ply
Beaded Shetland Lincoln cross 2 ply
Columbia wool 2 ply 3 oz 6.00
Blue rug wool 2 ply 3.5 oz $7.00
Border Leicester 2 ply 2.5 oz $5.50

Contact us!

Strings is located in Omaha Ne.
Business hours are (CST) 4 pm-8 pm Monday -Friday, 8 am - 8 pm Saturday and Sunday
To contact us, please call 402- 319- 6133
Or e-mail us at

STRINGS about us

Here at STRINGS we strive to be a unique fiber service store. We sell products like yarn, spinning fiber, finished knitted goods, beaded stitch markers, and on rare occasions equipment. We also offer our services to the public in the form of knitting, dying, and spinning classes, custom spinning, knitting, dying, and fiber processing. As we are a small business there are some limits on what we can do, but it also allows us flexibility within those limits.
Please browse our pages to see what delights await you!

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